A Happy Ending – 17 December, 2012

Captain Bob was contacted at 22:18 last night that there was an overdue climber. Three men earlier in the day had climbed Little Horn and Fluted Peak.  The third member wanted to do Horn Peak and all were going to return to where the car was which was by the Horn Creek Trail head.  The third person then went by himself to do Horn Peak.  He did not return to the vehicle.
After calling and speaking to the reporting parties twice and getting through to the subject via phone it was decided to do a callout early in the morning.
The decision was based on the fact that the subject felt good, was believed to be heading east and had seen lights down in the valley.  The subject thought he was at about 9500 ft.  His friends though he was lower.  Captain Bob has asked the RP to periodically blow their horn and our co-captain suggested that the deputies on duty also ride in the area of Schoenfield Rd. and Willow Ln. area with their lights blinking. The deputies and the RP’s made contact with the subject at 01:49.   The subject was found at the trailhead and was thought to have been traveling in circles. he was cold and wet and because he was told to keep moving he was not hypothermic. He was taken to the ambulance barn for evaluation and released. The subject had no GPS and no matches but did have a space blanket. The early morning callout was cancelled.
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