• We are an all-volunteer organization trained and equipped for mountain search and rescue in all weather environments. Within the organization we have four teams that specialize in various rescue capabilities: Technical Rope Rescue Team, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Horse, and Ground Pounders.
  • Technical Rope Rescue Team – Specializing in accessing, packaging and evacuating subjects from difficult locations that require rope and technical skills for a safe operation.
  • ATV Team – Consists of approximately ten members. They operate in non-wilderness areas to perform wide area searches of road and trails, carry heavy equipment and personnel to/from search or rescue sites. This team also performs welfare checks in winter and maintains CCSAR vehicles. They are often the first responders on a mission.
  • Horse Team – Consists of approximately ten members. Horses cover large areas quickly and can carry heavy or bulky equipment in steep terrain. A horse rider sometimes has a beneficial viewpoint during a search activity.
  • Ground Pounders – the balance of the organization consists of generalists commonly referred to as ground pounders. Ground pounders break into small teams to carry out searches, give first aid to subjects, transport subjects to ambulance or Flight For Life helicopters in wilderness areas that don’t require technical expertise, and move equipment and supplies in areas that ATVs or horses can’t operate effectively.
  • Support Personnel – Support members may assist in non-emergency activities: e.g., fundraisers, administrative work, or vehicle maintenance. They may also assist on missions in a limited capacity: e.g., call-outs, check-in sheets, equipment check-out, mission logistics, obtaining and preparing meals for field personnel, etc.
  • Training: All CCSAR active members receive extensive and continuous training in  mountain rescue techniques. There is required certification for Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Flight For Life lift ticket courses held yearly at the CCSAR facility. Training is conducted during the monthly general meetings in avalanche awareness, map reading and GPS use, radio operation and procedures, search theory and techniques, strategy and tactics, medical equipment operation, patient packaging and handling, etc.