ATV problems – 8 August, 2011

CCSAR received a call from the Custer Sheriff dispatcher at approximately 17:00 on Monday, 8 August, 2011. Three ATVers were reported needing assistance in the Wet Mountains on Dome Rock Canyon Trail. Apparently, the ATVs they were using had become damaged and/or inoperable. The reporting party was expected to be waiting for the CCSAR team at the Davenport campground. CCSAR sent 4 ATV team members, and 5 ground pounders to the area at 18:45. The reporting party had left the campground to return to the group. The CCSAR ATV team found the reporting party on the trail at approximately 19:45 – he had been able to get one of their ATVs operable and was proceeding back to the group, a woman and 3 young males, which where about 2 miles further east on the trail. At 20:00 the ATV team found the rest of the group unharmed, but in need of liquids and warmer clothing which were provided.

Their ATV had rolled off the trail around 14:00 and was out of fuel. The ATV team recovered the ATV and hydrated the subjects. They had initially walked eastward expecting to cross CR382, but after they had walked several miles without intersecting CR382 had decided to return back to the rolled ATV and wait for rescue. The reporting party had walked back to the campground to call for help.

After meeting the CCSAR ATV team, the reporting party had turned around to head back to the campground and had rolled his ATV off the trail and down a hill, he was uninjured. The ATV team found the reporting party, recovered his ATV with winches, and proceeded back to the campground with the reporting party and the four subjects and their ATVs. They arrived at the campground and delivered everyone safely at approximately 20:45.

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