Davenport – TAT – and Mushroom Hunters all in a day!

Tour de’ Wets! August 15, ’14

1)       @12:03 a call comes in for an injured ATV rider after a rollover near Davenport Campground.  58 yo female patient with injuries and difficulty breathing.

  2)       Shortly thereafter another call about an 11:54 SPOT notification comes in for a rider on the Trans-American Trail (TAT) route asking for help on Gardner Road . (360).

  By the time I reach the barn and confirm coordinates from the SPOT, one mission is now confirmed as two and a second RP is clearly identified.

  8 CCSAR members respond – 3 ATVs already on Greenhorn Road responding to the Gardner Road coordinates and 4 (Two ATVs and Two Ground Pounders with R-2) to Davenport

1 in the office managing both responses.

  Rye Fire/EMS also responded to the Davenport Campground and arrived on scene before CCSAR.  The subject was reportedly on a trail 3 miles from the campground and reportedly could NOT be moved by ATVs.  When CCSAR teams arrived, an air ambulance was hovering above the scene and CCSAR was stood down.

  The ATVs returned to base and R-2 responded to the Gardner Road mission, with negative contact with the subject – we all stood down.  The RP’ is reportedly still concerned; and we have not had any confirmation, after the fact,  that the rider is yet accounted for.

    3)       17:44 – Two overdue mushroom hunters on 369H ( Greenhorn Road ).  2 members were going to deploy into the field when the SO reported that the over due mushroom hunters had been picked up by a private party and were somewhere on Greenhorn Road, presumably returning to their staging area.  Unbeknownst to me – their party, with the vehicle, had already left the party, to return to Colorado Springs .

  Another individual who owns a lodge in Colorado Springs was enroute, so CCSAR – having no more search, stood down the hasty team.  (The subject later called to state that they were on Greenhorn Road , walking down in the rain to the Fire Station.   ** They have, JUST now reported that they met their ride from the Buffalo Lodge in Colorado Springs .    (The subject had requested that we pick them up and drive them back to the Buffalo Lodge….  LOL.)

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