Lost Hikers on Music Pass Rd. – 13 May, 2012

At 11:00 on 13 May, 2012 CCSAR received a call from the sheriff’s office. Two hikers, a father and daughter, were in need of help near Music Pass. The hikers, apparently local residents, had parked their car on Music Pass Road and then bush whacked northward. They had become lost and inclement weather was forecast for the early afternoon. They communicated to SAR base using a cell phone.

Thirteen CCSAR members responded to the call. Three ground pounder teams were sent out immediately to find the subjects vehicle, and also converge on the subject’s suspected location via the Rainbow Trail from both Music Pass Road and South Colony Road. An ATV team was assembled and placed on standby. The subjects were able to give SAR a good idea of their location by identifying two reservoirs on Music Meadows. A SAR team had audible contact and then intercepted the subjects on Rainbow Trail about two miles north of Music Pass Road at 13:50. Neither subject was injured and SAR members accompanied them to a waiting SAR vehicle to return them to their vehicle. Mission ended around 16:00.

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