Missing Greenhorn Hikers, 02 August 2010

Approximately 19:30 Monday evening Custer SAR was notified that the Sheriff’s Office received a call that two hikers via cell phone had called a neighboring county and informed them they were lost.  That county called Custer dispatch.  From the little information that was gather it was determined that the individuals could be on Greenhorn Rd. near Snowslide Trail.  A team of four were sent to check that area. Dispatch received another call in which the subject stated they were cold and wet but did have some gear and a little water left but were becoming delirious as they had been hiking the best part of the day.  At 22:00 Capt. Pruiksma and the Sheriff’s Office was notified that the subjects had been found on Greenhorn Road.   SAR was able to give them food, water and get them warm again before bringing the subjects to waiting family members who met them at the San Isabel Lake area. Team members returned to base at 01:00 on Tuesday.
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