New Members

Come to our General Meeting. They are held at 6:30pm, the second Monday of each month (except December) at the SAR barn, 710 Rosita Ave, Westcliffe, CO  81252. Introduce yourself to one of our officers and find out more about us.

What We’re Looking For:   A passion for helping others; Dedication to attend training, attend general meetings and be prepared and able to participate in missions year round.

CCSAR currently has a high need for well qualified, physically fit field personnel that can respond to field missions; often in difficult terrain.  Ideally, we are seeking full-time residents that are available throughout the year, however seasonal status for well qualified individuals may be an option.

We are also always looking for a few key personnel in areas such as radios ( enhancing back country communications, programming and inventory), website optimization, emerging technologies, medical and rescue training coordinators, PSAR; and individuals to lead grant writing and fundraising activities.

Costs: There are no costs for membership, training or activities (though we will require reimbursement for training expenses incurred if a member resigns within 12 months after taking a training course for which CCSAR has covered the expense.)

Equipment: There are no uniform requirements. Each member must provide their own personal gear (pack, protective clothing, personal survival gear, etc). Team rescue gear is provided by CCSAR. Travel to mission sites is provided by CCSAR vehicles (except for ATV and Horse Team members.)

Prospective members will complete a written Application, pass a background investigation conducted by the Sheriff and be interviewed by the Administrator and Captain.  At the time of the interview, prospective members will gain knowledge regarding team  Policies and Procedures and access to other online information to help orient them to the organization. Upon acceptance of the application and a successful background investigation, the applicant will become a probationary member for a period of six months, and will be given the security code for the north door. To be considered an active member you must attend a minimum number of training activities and participate in a minimum percentage of missions during the year.  You also must complete ICS 100 and NIMS 700; CPR and Wilderness First Aid or higher certifications, to become active members.

Training and Participation: Training opportunities occur during general membership meetings as well as at other scheduled times.  Members, (Prospective or Active) are expected to participate in a minimum of 75% of all training sessions.  To be considered an active member you must also  participate in a minimum of three initial missions and serve a minimum six month probationary period.  You will also be required to complete ICS 100 and NIMS 700; CPR and Wilderness First Aid or higher certifications, which will be kept current.  Certifications will be provided to the CCSAR Administrator and to the Office of Emergency Management.

Members are also expected to respond to missions when called upon; and not less than 50% of those call outs, for which a member is called upon.  Scheduled community events or work projects also require a 50% participation rate to maintain membership in good standing.

By nature, SAR call outs may occur at any time, during nights or weekends; even holidays.  Some require very early mornings and long days.    Mutual Aid responses, as approved by the Sheriff, allow us to assist other county teams, outside Custer County.

General Qualifications:

  • Be physically and mentally fit for the position assigned.
  • Field Personnel training – Knowledge of and demonstrated proficiency in survival techniques and outdoor living through mission participation and prior experience. Knowledge in first aid , CPR, bone immobilization, protection from the elements, and protection from exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Knowledge in wilderness navigation including map, compass, and GPS navigation methods.
  • If duties require involvement in helicopter operations, possess demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in helicopter operations. Attendance at the annual Flight for Life Lift Ticket training session is required. For those members who cannot attend the annual training, it will be their responsibility to attend a class elsewhere. Members who do not attend any annual FFL training will not be qualified to fly in a FFL helicopter.

Special Teams – See the Leader of the team that you’re interested in joining.