Phantom Hunters, 11 November 2010

Custer County Sheriff’s office notified Custer County Search and Rescue of calls of distress in the Sangres de Cristo Mountains at 10 am Thursday the 11th. The reporting party stated that calls for help, along with gunshots, were heard in the Huckleberry Mountain area which is approximately two miles south of the lower parking lot at Music Pass.  Twenty Four SAR members responded, including twelve ground pounders, five members of the ATV team, along with three members of the horse team and four support members.  The SAR ground teams covered the Huckleberry mountain area, along with Middle Knob Hill and Loco Park, and the Cottonwood Creek drainage. The ATV team cleared the Rainbow Trail from Medano Pass to Music Pass, and also several adjoining 4WD trails. The horse team cleared the Loco Park and Middle Knob Hill area.  In the afternoon, after no evidence was found of an injured or lost party, Flight For Life was called to assist by doing reconnaissance in the area.   A  Custer County Sheriff’s deputy also assisted by interviewing the reporting party and clearing several cabins.   A member of Huerfano County Sheriff’s office cleared several miles of the Rainbow Trail below Huckleberry Mountain.   No subject was located and all vehicles were accounted for within several miles of the area. The mission was called to a close at approximately 16:00.

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