Rainbow Trail Assist

On the afternoon of July 24th, Custer County Search and Rescue provided first aid and transportation to a distressed hiker on the Rainbow Trail just north of Gibson Trailhead. The Custer County Sheriff’s Office had received a call at 15:30 that afternoon from Michael Baggett, an injured man who reported being out of contact with his party for over three hours. Shortly after that Baggett called Search and Rescue directly with his location. He reported a twisted ankle and was unable to walk further. At 17:20, SAR dispatched 3 ATVs to rendezvous with Baggett. The ATVs reached the injured party a short time later, applied first aid, and transported Baggett to Gibson Trailhead, where he was met by a companion in her vehicle. Baggett was transferred to the vehicle and he and his companion departed the scene.



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