Search for missing teenage girl in Fremont county – 5 August, 2012

A fourteen year old female went missing near Shoshone and Chocktaw roads in Fremont county about 05:00 on 5 August, 2012. Initially friends and neighbors began searching but eventually called Fremont SAR, which arrived on scene about 10:00. Custer County SAR received a call for assistance from Fremont SAR at 12:30. Nineteen CCSAR members responded – 5 ATV team members, 2 horse team members, 3 office personnel and the balance were ground pounders. CCSAR teams arrived at the Fremont SAR command center and were assigned search areas. The subject was found fifteen minutes later, uninjured, by 2 Custer County SAR ATV members. The CCSAR ATV members gave the subject a ride back to the Fremont command site. All CCSAR members had returned to the SAR barn by 16:00.

ATV Team prepares to deploy to search area.

Ground pounders reviewing search area.

Subject is returned to Incident Command base.

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