Topless And In Trouble – 30 June, 2013

At 16:00 the sheriff’s office began receiving multiple 911 calls from a party who was asking for help. Communications were poor, dispatch could only make out the words “please, please help me”. Dispatch could not raise subject via cell phone.

After working through several agencies, they were able to locate the correct cell phone provider and get an address in Pueblo. Pueblo Law Enforcement made contact with the subject’s roommate. The cell phone location was incorrect – it was giving Deer Peak coordinates. EMS was on standby regarding possible medical.

At 17:30, CCSAR was called, as the roommate indicated the subject had gone up Hermit Road in a topless Jeep. Subject was a 40 year-old male, reportedly wearing shorts. Two CCSAR members were deployed hasty to locate the vehicle, while ground and ATV were alerted to be on standby.

At 17:51, the Incident Commander sent the following text to subject’s phone:

Search and Rescue was notified that you need assistance. Can you confirm?? Are you at your vehicle?

Subject sent numerous responses and the IC followed up with a phone call:

I’m fine. I got stuck and now I’m driving home.

I’m almost into Pueblo. Mynohjne(sic) is MIT letting me dual out. Musta gotten really wet. Ther(sic) was a severe storm at the mountain and I went off the road. My jeep had no windows on it. So the rain was coming straight at me. I was wet and cold.

Found shelter in a barn until rain let up. Then I Ed(sic) able to get my jeep out, it was flooded and wouldn’t start at first

There was no cell service at the bottom of the mountain. But I kept trying 911 before I had fjnd(sic) an open barn. Hoping service would come thru

My roommate called me when in Pueblo, but had to stop at a pay phone and try again. The cell phone was water logged and not working properly, so we couldn’t speak on it.

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