Trail Clearing: Winter 2011-2012


100mph+ winds in November 2011 caused a lot of damage to property in Custer County. They also caused havoc by blowing down hundreds of trees across the access roads and trails that we must use during missions. Our members are attempting to clear the trails. It is a slow process due to the snow cover at this time of year, and also impacted by the limits placed upon mechanized tools in the wilderness areas.

downed trees

Downed trees across a wilderness trail.

Using a hand saw to clear a trail

Using a hand saw to clear a trail.

trail clearing tools

Tools for clearing trails must be hauled by hand in wilderness areas.


On 26 January, 2012, Ray Varney and Rich Metcalfe were clearing the Forest Service road leading to Rainbow Lake. This area is not wilderness so chainsaws can be used.

Using a chainsaw on a downed tree across CR198


It's a big job.

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