3 Missions in 3 Days – 10 August, 2013

8-5-13  Three teens lost overnight East of San Isabel Lake, all walked out cold and wet but healthy.

8-8-13   “Ziggy” the mushroom hunter from Chicago was lost for several hours in the Greenhorn Mountain area.  He walked for hours South, out of the primary search area.  A local gave him a ride to the Sheriffs office in Westcliffe.  He was healthy and wiser about walking alone with no pack.

8-10-13   Leader fall on the Crestone Needle.

A group of 5 from Kansas, was climbing the first pitch of the Ellingwood Ledges Direct route on the East face of the Crestone Needle.  A 60 year old male was leading when a handhold came loose, starting a fall of about 15′ to a ledge.  His pack and belay limited his injuries to a foot.  The group lowered the subject (who is a ER Doc) to the SW side of the upper S. Colony lake. One of the group contacted the Forest Service, who called Custer County Sheriff.  The SAR team carried him out from the upper lake about 1.5 miles to team vehicles.  The subject and his group were returned to their vehicle at the locked gate parking area, where he politely refused additional treatment.


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